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Artists of Ibiza: The island, source of artistic inspiration

Find here some of the most representative Ibiza artists. Painters, sculptors, graffiti artists... many of them are inspired by the island when creating

If those people who stand out for having something coincide restless and creative minds is that in Ibiza They find the necessary inspiration to develop their creative processes, from beginning to end.

The island has a unique magnetism that has attracted countless artists who use it as a personal muse since time immemorial.

It serves as source of inspiration to artisans, painters, designers, sculptors, photographers, musicians, writers and all kinds of artists looking to give a twist to their works or the starting gun to start creating.

But what has made this place a benchmark for artists from all over the world? Perhaps one of the factors, perhaps the main one, is the diversity of cultures that live in it or that have left their mark throughout history. This fact has led to Ibiza having a huge cultural wealth and high quality.

The tranquility that the creator longs for when working is also covered here, as well as full contact with nature, much more accessible than in other places and much coveted by most boiling minds.

A good example of the importance that culture has in Ibiza is the amount of art Galeries, both private and public, that exist, and not only of galleries as we understand them. Bars, hotels and even restaurants sometimes turn into exhibition halls. This is the case of Can Tixedó Art Café, el El Naranjo restaurant or the Sasha Pizzeria, among others.

Art on the island seems to have no limits, which is why exploiting it and contributing to its dissemination is a fantastic option, something that artists of the stature of Erwin Broner and Lio Malca have already done. The first, a German architect and painter, settled on the island in 1951 and left us a unique gift in Dalt Vila: the Broner House Museum. For his part, the Colombian artist, patron and collector Lio Malca decided to convert an old ship in the salt mine of Ibiza into a modern contemporary art room.

Of course, the list of Ibiza artists is endless, especially when it comes to painting. Antonio Pomar, Josefina Torres, Vicent Calbet, Antoni Marí Ribas ('Portmany'), Julia Fragua or Ferrer Guasch are just some of the examples.

Both emerging and internationally recognized artists have their space in Ibiza, an island that offers the opportunity to take advantage of its potential without asking for anything in return.


Robert Arato Artists Ibiza 03 1

Robert Arató is a multifunctional artist born in 1959 in Spisská Nová Ves (Czechoslovakia). In 1996 he moved to Ibiza, from where he currently works. He trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in San Francisco and in Munich.

His works are inspired by hyperrealism and abstract realism. The sea is one of the protagonists of his paintings, mostly in large format.


Pedro Maria Asensio Ibiza

Pedro María Asensio was born in Cuenca in 1950 and moved his residence to Ibiza in 1977.

Asensio is a painter, illustrator and designer and was also a founding member of the AAVIB (Associació d'artistas Visuals de les Illes Balears).



Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Julio Bauzá's relationship with Ibiza has always been the most intense. He met the island during a trip in 1976 and in the 77 decided to establish his residence in it.

Doctorate in Architecture, Bauzá touches a good number of branches as far as art is concerned. He is a potter, painter and also a sculptor.

Throughout his career he has exhibited in galleries both in Ibiza and the Peninsula. 'Chromatic Geometries' is one of his most relevant exhibitions.


The famous painter Vicent Calbet Riera was born in Ibiza in 1938 and died in Japan in 1994. He began his artistic studies at 1951 at the School of Arts and Crafts in Ibiza.

It is one of the greatest exponents of the so-called “Ibizan landscape tradition”.


Adrian Cardona artists Ibiza 00 1

Adrián Cardona was born in Ibiza in 1980 and graduated in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos, Valencia.

In his pictorial work he works with all kinds of materials such as metal and wood.



Carloandrés López del Rey was born in Galicia but his life was linked to Ibiza until the end. The painter passed away on the island in 2018.

He studied at the San Fernando School of Fine Arts (Madrid) and at the Sant Carles de Valencia School.

Carloandrés is considered a great landscape designer, although he was also known for his portraits and still lifes.

VICENT FERRER GUASCH (San Antonio 1917, Ibiza 2009)

Ferrer Guasch was an outstanding Ibizan painter trained at the Superior School of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi.

The popular painter Narcís Puget taught him painting at a young age. His work is a faithful representation of the architecture of Ibiza.

Sa Penya, Dalt Vila, the port, Ibizan churches ... Ferrer collected in his work some of the most picturesque places on the island.


Julia Fragua artists Ibiza 00 1 1

Julia Fragua graduated in Fine Arts and studied a Doctorate in Painting at the University of Salamanca.

She settled on the island in 2000, where she has won awards such as the one from the 'Ibiza Art Guide' Magazine in 2018. She is a teacher at the Ibiza School of Arts.

The light and colors of the island are the main reason for his works.


Oscar Gutie Artists Ibiza 03 1

Born in Sabadell, he decided to settle between Barcelona and Ibiza in 1995. Coming from a family of artists, he is a painter and sculptor.

In recent years he has focused mainly on sculpture. His sculptural series usually have a monumental character. Usually, they are worked in steel with various inlays and natural pigments.


The Ibizan artist, born in Sant Antoni and deceased in the year 2019, is considered one of the most relevant sculptors of the Pitiusas of the twentieth century and early twenty-first. He was known for his carvings in olive, sabina, almond, fig or carob wood, among others. In addition to several galleries on the island, Hormigo exhibited his pieces on the Peninsula and in Germany.

As the Encyclopèdia d'Eivissa i Formentera indicates, he moved in the figurative symbolic style, in a surrealist line, and his works were always inspired by nature.


Born in Sant Antoni, he is the nephew of the late Ibizan artist Antonio Hormigo. Master the metal sculpture. Bronze is one of the fundamental elements in his work.

Among the public works he has created are the sculpture of Joan Marí Cardona, that of Bishop Manuel Abad y Lasierra and the dedicated 'Als Saliners'.



One of the most daring artists of the island of Ibiza. His work consists of such complexity that, before criticizing it, one must take off his hat.

Coming from a family of artisans and artists, he was soaked with all kinds of artistic expressions from a young age and, since then, his life has revolved around art. Marked by this beautiful heritage, his concern has led him to work all kinds of materials and styles. Painting and sculpture with metal, wood, fiberglass and everything in its path.

His work is a strong commitment to innovation, to leave behind the conventional and the easy. It is a way of getting away from the famous "less is more", a concept that he does not consider real and from which he runs away always presenting complex pieces that surprise by breaking with the traditional.

Malambo Isla maintains that freedom is essential for creativity and that is precisely what many artists come to look for on this island.


Jerom Ibiza artists Ibiza

Jerom is undoubtedly one of the most important graffiti artists in Ibiza. He started painting in the 90 within the first crew-crew which was created on the island: The Black Panthers

The hyperrealism that invades its murals is, at least, surprising. Many of them can be seen in different areas of Ibiza.

Various claims, female faces or celebrities are some of the motives and characters that appear repeatedly in his striking work.


Ibizan Jaume Marí focuses his work on sculpture. Trained at the Massana School of Barcelona and the School of Arts of Ibiza, he established his sculpture workshop in San José.

Oxidized iron is your favorite material. With him he creates animals that he has been finding during his life in Ibiza. These animals are the main reason for his work.


Lula Martins artists Ibiza 04 1

Brazilian painter and sculptor Lula Martins studied at the School of Fine Arts in Brazil. Throughout his artistic career, which began in 1965, he has participated in a large number of solo and group exhibitions.

Martins, resident in Ibiza, is what is known as a multidisciplinary artist. His work has gone through European galleries, the United States and Japan and is in private collections and museums in the US and Brazil.


Jesus de Miguel artists Ibiza 01 1

Jesús de Miguel began his career in the artistic world at 1993, when he began studying at the Palencia School of Art, his homeland.

Painting, sculpture, drawing, music… De Miguel feels comfortable in almost any discipline. For him, art is a great way of expressing himself "in which you and no one else rule." That freedom was one of the reasons that led him to dedicate himself to this precious trade. His work is, as he himself assures, "a search within what is art or painting itself."

For Jesús de Miguel, the wealth of Ibiza lies in its cultural hodgepodge. The fact that there are people from so many parts of the world, with different points of view attracted him years ago and, since then, established his residence on the island.


Aida Miro Artists Ibiza

Born in Ibiza and resident in New York, Aida Miró dedicates part of her life to painting. During the 90, Miró began painting murals and graffiti on the island. His work is the perfect combination between painting and show. His exhibitions are a mixture of performance, oil, live painting or murals, among others.

The Ibizan artist has exhibited in places as diverse as Mexico, Naples, Athens, India, New York, Miami or San Francisco.



Vanesa de Moutas' training began at the early age of seven, at Anneliese Witt's school of painting. Since then, his interest in painting in particular and in art in general has only grown. Study in the School of Arts and Crafts of Ibiza and obtained his degree in pictorial procedures at the prestigious Massana center in Barcelona.

De Moutas has found in the collage a magnificent way of expression. His collages seem to have a life of their own and his paintings, among which the body prints, are the most striking.

-Interview with Vanesa de Moutas: “I find my way of expression in collage”.


The Uruguayan sculptor established his residence in Ibiza in 2003 and is part of the artistic collective AMAE.

He received ceramic classes from a young age and in 1989 he entered 'El taller Lara', where he became interested in volume with his woodwork. In 1989 he participated in his first group exhibition in Uruguay and managed to be selected for a national sculpture award for two of his works.

In 1993 it is done with the Young Prize of Minisculture with ceramic miniatures and in 2002 it exposes alone for the first time.

In Ibiza, he works with recycled wood from constructivism, focusing on abstraction and geometry.


julian molina sculpture ibiza

After more than 30 years of experience in the world of cabinetmaking and with his own carpentry, Julián Molina has decided to focus on the more artistic side of this technique. His passion for art and beauty and the love he feels for Ibiza have led him to create a series of beautiful wooden sculptures inspired by the island.

Through their website the artist shows the particularities of his works and his most intimate and creative side. In it you can discover his work, his profile and even buy some of his pieces.

ANTONIO POMAR (1927-2017)

Antonio Pomar was one of the founders of the famous Puget Group, the first association of artists created in Ibiza.

The Ibizan studied at the Ibiza School of Arts and Crafts and later moved to Valencia to continue his training in Fine Arts at the San Carlos Superior School.

He was a professor at School of Arts and Crafts from Ibiza in 1962. L 'Enciclopèdia d'Eivissa i Formentera highlights its “subjective, romantic, dynamic and colorful vision of its immediate surroundings, dressed with a certain nostalgic air”.

NARCÍS PUGET I VIÑAS (Ibiza 1874 - Santa Eulària 1960)

One of the great artistic figures of Ibiza. The Ibizan landscape, impressionism and costumbrismo occupied most of his works.

The painter studied at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona and exhibited in places such as the Museum of Modern Art in Madrid, the Laietanas Galleries in Barcelona or the Vinçon Galleries.

El Puget Museum, in Dalt Vila, it was inaugurated in 2007 and in it you can see a permanent exhibition of 130 works by the painters Puget Viñas and Puget Riquer, father and son.


Julia Ribas artists Ibiza 05 1
Ibizan painter who stands out for the use and treatment of various materials and formats. Paper, oxidation liquids, lime, ash, diptychs, triptychs, small installations ...

His work is a compilation of landscapes, nature, heritage ... all reinterpreted from his vision.

His work was exhibited and promoted abroad thanks to the Ramon Llull Institute.

MARÍ RIBAS (PORTMANY) (Ibiza 1906 - 1974)

Born in Ibiza, Antoni Marí Ribas, known as Portmany, left a collection of around 10.000 drawings during his 30 years as an artist. His drawings were expressive and schematic and he used to portray scenes from everyday life. Women with senallons, men in groups, the port of Ibiza, sailors ... in short, the popular Ibiza scene from their own point of view.


Romanie artists Ibiza 05 1

The Ibizan artist creates motifs and shapes that reflect her childhood, which happened in the field of Ibiza in 1970.

Romanie began to exhibit her paintings at 2001 and, as she says, she paints almost daily in her Ibizan country house.

Take advantage of his travels to paint in his notebook what he later captures in his paintings.


Josep Rosales artists Ibiza 02 1

The works of the Ibizan painter are characterized by the use of red, black and liquid oxide.

Self-taught artist, he exhibited for the first time in Can Pou at 1994 and since then he has participated in a large number of both individual and collective shows.

Rosales is one of the founding members of EivissArtGrup.


Gabriel Torres Chalk artists Ibiza 02 1

Ibizan painter and writer, he is a true master of Chinese ink on rice paper. He has written several books on art and literature.

His work is inspired by endless influences, including great Chinese and Japanese masters, The Shanghai H Art Space, Beijing's 798 Art District, 19th-century Japanese artists, jazz and ultimately the observation in the sublime nature.


Urban art in Ibiza 02 1

The Ibizan artist began to paint graffiti on the island in 1991, he says "a little instinctively." His inspiration comes from graffiti, pop art, cartoon, poster design and in general, from everything that attracts his attention.

He has exhibited in several rooms in Ibiza, in Montana Shop and Gallery Barcelona or in the Biondetta Art Gallery in Madrid, among others.


Diploma in Visual Arts and Communication, the Ibizan painter studied drawing, painting and graphic design in Ibiza, Mallorca and Madrid.

He loves abstract painting and free poetry, modalities that he combines in his collages, created with materials from different backgrounds.


Marcos Torres is one of the best-known Ibizan graphic artists on the island. His works have been through local galleries, on the Peninsula or even in London, Brighton, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Copenhagen.

Cinema, music, comics and Pop culture are part of its striking serigraphs.

Among his recognitions are the Pop Eye award for the best national emerging artist in November 2011 and the Onda Cero Ibiza award for the best plastic artist in 2012. In addition, one of his first works was auctioned by Christie's London, one of the auction houses of most prestigious art in the world.


Antonio Villanueva artists Ibiza 06 1

Toledano by birth, en the year 62 moves to Paris to study painting. Parisian museums, the streets of the Latin Quarter and Saint Germain de Pres are witnesses of his growth as an artist.

Villanueva travels to Ibiza for the first time on 1968. On the island he discovers something that moves him to believe that it is the ideal place to live and work. Therefore, 1993 is definitely installed in Santa Eulalia.

His works have been seen both in Spain and outside the national territory.


Marco Zurita Artists Ibiza

Marco Zurita is a sculptor born in Chile who, knowing Ibiza in the year 2000, decided to stay and live in it. He began to help his father in his workshop and that's how he began to look at the mechanical parts that today inspire his work.

He studied Art and, after that, Metal foundries and Artistic Forge. He currently sculpts all kinds of materials, although his favorite is iron.

In his own words, for Zurita Ibiza “it is an environment in which he is comfortable, not only because of his work, but also because of the people, the weather and being able to wear flip-flops almost all year round ”.

More about Marco Zurita in:


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