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Art galleries in Ibiza

This island inspires and that is just one of the reasons that has allowed the number of art galleries in Ibiza to be so high and its content so disparate

They say that Ibiza is the island of artists. The truth is that if we take into account its surface and the number of art galleries you own, it may not be a far-fetched statement.

Of what there is no doubt is the attraction that emanates Ibiza for artists in general. Many travel here after notorious races abroad and, when they know the island, they decide to open their workshops there. Others, however, find inspiration in this land and begin their work here as artists. The fact is that Ibiza is a place where they converge writers, painters, photographers, sculptors, jewelers, musicians ... come on any type of artistic manifestation finds its space.

You may not plan to visit any art gallery during your trip. However, it is likely that even without thinking you run into some artistic show Why? Because in Ibiza it is very common for certain bars, restaurants and even shops serve as art galleries. It is a pleasure to have a coffee surrounded by splendid photographs or dinner contemplating the works of different local or international creators.

We want to share with you some of the best Ibiza art galleries And several venues where you can witness true artistic displays. Do not lose sight of their programming!

  • MARTA TORRES GALLERY, Ibiza. Inaugurated in 1994, this gallery located at the foot of the walls of Dalt Vila has seen national and international artists such as Carlos Sansegundo, Maria Rios-Coello, Sunset or Marcel Schellekens. It also has an interesting gallery collection in which the creations of personalities such as Joan Miró or Miguel Barceló, among others, appear.

Hours: Monday through Saturday from 11 to 14 hours and from 17 to 20.
Address: Calle Conde de Roselló 1, Ibiza.
Telephone: 0034 629 947 900
Web of Marta Torres GalleryMarta Torres Gallery


  • IT'S POLVORÍ, Ibiza. A beautiful space in the heart of the walled city of Dalt Vila, right in the bastion of Santa Lucia. Managed by the Baleària Foundation, you can attend various exhibitions, concerts or plays.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 13 and from 17 to 20.
Address: Ronda Narcís Puget Viñas, bastion of Santa Lucía, Ibiza.

It is polvori Ibiza

  • CAN JERONI CULTURE CENTER, Saint Joseph. An emblematic space of the Josepí municipality that the City Council decided to rehabilitate in 2016. All kinds of events related to culture are held there, such as poetry reading, dance, music, dance, cinema or theater.

Exhibition Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10.30 to 13.30 and from Thursday to Sunday also from 18.30 to 21.30 hours.
Address: Calle de sa Talaia 21, San José.
Telephone: +34 971 313 177
Web of Can Jeroni

Can Jeroni Ibiza

  • CONTEMPORARY WINDOW, Ibiza. Directed by Nina Vagic, it houses the works of artists from different parts of the world. It also has a collection of jewelry, some of which you can purchase through its website.

Hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11 to 19 hours. Friday and Saturday from 12 to 21 hours.
Address: Marina Botafoch S / N, Local 208, Ibiza.
Telephone: 0034 971 313 177
Ventana Contemporary Web

Window Contemporary Ibiza

  • FAR DE SES COVES BLANQUES, San Antoni. An authentic lighthouse whose construction ended in 1897 and that stopped working in 1963 after the enormous growth that lived the municipality. Currently the building has become one of the most beautiful and original exhibition halls in Ibiza. The views of the bay from the lighthouse are spectacular.

Hours: To consult.
Address: Calle Alemania 1, corner with Calle del Faro, San Antonio.
The lighthouse in the nets

Far de ses coves blanques ibiza

  • PALACE OF CONGRESSES OF IBIZA, Santa Eulalia. One of the largest cultural centers on the island. It has a large auditorium, showroom, meeting rooms and multipurpose rooms. A modern building in which all kinds of cultural events of local and international artists meet.

Hours: Subject to events.
Address: Calle Metge Salvador Camacho, 11, Santa Eulalia.
Telephone: 0034 971 336 406
Web of the Palace of Congresses of Ibiza

Ibiza congress palace

  • SALA DE CULTURA SA NOSTRA, Ibiza. Exhibition and culture room of the Island Council of Ibiza. In the center of the city, the hall hosts exhibitions of all kinds of themes and artists.

Hours: Monday through Friday from 11 to 14 hours and from 17.30 to 20.30. In summer from 18.30 to 20.30.
Address: Calle Aragón 11
Telephone: 00334 971 305 239
Sa Nostra culture room in the networks

Culture hall Sa Nostra

  • CENTRO CULTURAL DE JESÚS, Jesus, Santa Eulalia. This modern space opened its doors in 2014 and, since then, has hosted various events such as conferences, exhibitions, workshops ... It has an auditorium, multipurpose rooms and a media library.

Address: Calle Faisán 7, Jesús, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.
Telephone: 0034 871 159 953
The center in the networks

Jesus Ibiza Cultural Center

  • LOST ARTIST, Santa Eulalia. A beautiful country house located on the San Juan road where art occupies every corner. The sculptor Christopher Stone is the architect of this curious gallery "dedicated to promoting art and artists without the burden of financial commitment."

Address: Carretera de San Juan, kilometer 9. 07840, Santa Eulalia.
Telephone: 0034 654 921 441


  • IBIZA BEST PHOTO & ART, Ibiza. It was born as a group of Facebook in which professionals and amateurs to the photography shared their images of the island. Its success was such that today they have their own gallery in which, in addition to exhibitions, they organize courses, events and workshops.

Hours: Monday through Friday from 10 to 13.30 hours and from 18 to 21. Saturdays from 10 to 13.30 hours.
Address: Avenida España 29, Ibiza.
Telephone: 0034 661 526 959
Ibiza Best Photo & Art website

Ibiza Best Photo

  • THE SHIP SALINAS, Saint Joseph. The artist, patron and collector Lío Malca decided to transform an old ship of the salinera of Ibiza into a room of contemporary art. It organizes performances, exhibitions and even charitable acts of all kinds.

Hours: From 14 to 21 hours in summer.
Address: Carrer la Canal, 2, San José.
Web of Lio Malca, the Ship Salinas

The Nave Salinas Lio Malca

  • EXHIBITION ROOM CAN CURT, San Agustín, San José. A careful space of the City of San José where samples of painting, photography and sculpture take place. In the center of the town of San Agustín.

Hours: Thursday to Sunday from 18 to 21 p.m.
Address: Can Curt. Sant Agustí des Vedrà. In front of the Church.
Telephone: 0034 971 800 244
Can curt on the internet

Can Curt Ibiza

  • ESPAI CULTURAL SA PUNTA DES MOLÍ, San Antonio. In sa Punta des Molí you will find an open-air auditorium and an exhibition hall. Its charm lies in its location, from where you can admire the beautiful views of the Bay of Portmany and its sunsets.

Hours: In winter from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 13 hours and from 16 to 19. In summer until 21 hours.
Address: Calle Embarcador S / N Bahía de San Antonio.
Telephone: 0034 971 344 581
Web sa Punta des Molí

Sa Punta des Moli

  • CAN DAIFA GALLERY, Santa Eulalia. In this private gallery you can see the works of artists like Picasso, Clavé or Tàpies, but also by different local creators such as Laura Bofill, Manuel Ortega, Capella or Juan Alcalde.

Hours: Monday to Friday from 10 to 14 hours.
Address: Isidoro Macabich 32 Street, Santa Eulalia.
Telephone: 0034 971 319 262
Can Daifa Gallery Web

Can Daifa Ibiza

  • EXHIBITION ROOM SANTA EULALIA. The City Council uses it to show the work of entities, associations and, of course, its citizens.

Hours: Subject to the exhibition.
Address: Calle San Jaime 72, bajos. Santa Eulalia.
Telephone: 0034 971 332 800
Web Exhibition Hall Santa Eulalia

Exhibition Hall-Santa-Eulalia

  • ADDA GALLERY, SAN JOSÉ. The gallery, which has its headquarters in Paris, is within the striking Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel. This space, founded by Anna Dimitrova, is characterized by its strong commitment to urban art.

Exhibition schedule: Monday to Saturday from 13 to 20 hours.
Address: Avenida is Caló 70. San José, Ibiza.
Adda Gallery website


  • CAN TIXEDO ART CAFÉ, San Antonio The famous restaurant of Buscastell has been the gallery for more than 20 years. Every three weeks they change their art samples, which include all kinds of styles.

Hours: From 8 to 2 from early morning in summer and from 8 to 24 hours in winter. Mondays in winter close.
Address: Carretera San Rafael a Santa Inés, km 5, San Antonio.
Telephone: 0034 971 345 248
Web of Can Tixedo Art Café

Can Tixedo Ibiza

  • IT IS MAGAZINE OF CAN JORDI, Saint Joseph. One of the most mythical bars on the island, Can Jordi, is also a fantastic exhibition hall. Painting, photography or sculpture, any artistic representation is well received in this space that boasts a good atmosphere.

Hours: In summer from 7 a.m. to 14.30 p.m. and from 16.30 p.m. to 22 p.m. In winter from 7 a.m. to 14.30:16.30 p.m. and from 21.30:XNUMX p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. Sundays closed.
Address: Carretera de San José, kilometer 7,7. Saint Joseph.
Telephone: 0034 971 800 182
Can Jordi in the nets

Can Jordi Ibiza

  • GALLERY SARGANTANA, Saint Joseph. A small gallery in the center of town owned by the Brazilian Gastáo Heberle and his wife, the painter Jussara, whose paintings are usually composed of typical island motifs such as peasant women.

Hours: From 10 to 13.30 hours.
Address: Calle Pere Escanellas, 34, San José.
Telephone: 0034 971 800 136

Gallery Sargantana


  • SPACE MICUS, Santa Eulalia. Beautiful gallery of contemporary art that includes works by creators of the island and abroad.

Hours: Sundays from 11 to 14 hours. Rest of days by appointment.
Address: Carretera de Jesús a Cala Llonga, kilometer 3, Santa Eulalia.
Telephone: 0034 971 191 923
Micus Space Web


  • CLUB DIARIO DE IBIZA, Ibiza. Receive more than 8.000 visitors every year who come to contemplate exhibitions, presentations or talks. A space where art and dialogue are found within the city.

Schedule: Subject to the events you organize.
Address: Avenida de la Paz s / n, Ibiza.
Telephone: 0034 971 190 000
Web of the Daily Club of Ibiza


  • GARDEN ART GALLERY, Saint Joseph. A beautiful gallery located in an old Ibizan estate with more than 300 years of history. Painting, sculpture and photography within an avant-garde line. It has interior and exterior space.

Hours: According to exhibition.
Address: Carretera de San José, km 8,5 (detour Porroig / es Cubells). Saint Joseph
Telephone: 0034 971 800 450
Garden Art Gallery in the nets

Garden Art Gallery Ibiza

  • PARRA & ROMERO, Santa Eulalia. The famous gallery founded in Madrid decided to open a branch on the island in 2013. Its intention is to preserve the essence of the 30s, when a large number of famous people from European culture arrived in Ibiza and serve as a meeting point for artists, creators and art in general.

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 18 to 22 p.m. or by appointment by calling 0034 679 447 733.
Address: Carretera de San Miguel km 2,300, Santa Gertrudis. Santa Eulalia.
Telephone: 0034 91 576 28 13
Parra & Romero

Parra and Romero Ibiza

  • THE PACHA HOTEL, Ibiza. A place full of glamor and distinction. Its facilities host different art exhibitions throughout the year. Photography, painting, sculpture in a most attractive environment.

Hours: To consult.
Address: Paseo Marítimo, S / N. Ibiza.
Telephone: 0034 971 315 963
El Hotel Pacha

The Hotel Pacha Ibiza

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